Hmm. 2 mins, 300 words… sounds like a car warranty, but here we go.

I’m a simple guy so I like to simplify things and will preach to myself more than anything. “I AM”. I – Integrity, A – Attitude, M – Motive. Three different characteristics that share one constant. They are all from the heart. At least the change of it is anyway. Apply “I AM” in a God honouring and loving way with faith (because faith is the only thing that pleases God) in as many aspects of your life possible instead of “self-seeking” (1 Cor 13:5) and it will be blessed.


I am living proof, though I myself often fall short. Yes. I’m a sinner. However I continue and will always be grateful towards God for His love, grace, patience and forgiveness in order for me to change and continue changing. Key word, change. If your “I AM” doesn’t change nor will anything else in your life. “Be” different in order to receive something different from God. More importantly, do it for the sake of those who are yet to know God (motive). It’s that simple. Let’s not complicate spiritual things that are already complicated. Jesus didn’t so why should we?


No I’m not a pastor nor do I have a title that will “WOW” you. I’m officially a cleaner who was once a criminal. In that, I feel blessed (much better than being in jail). Because Jesus “made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant” (Philippians 2:7) before He was crucified and became King of Kings. Let’s slow down a bit and keep a check on our “I AM” for a truly blessed life.


Blessings and love you all just like Jesus did.


Tony Pham