Discovering Peace


I wish I didn't worry so much...

I know how I could become a very wealthy person. Can I let you in on my secret? Find an elixir for peace and then sell it. Joking aside, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t desire more peace in their life. Or maybe I should say it this way: I wish I didn’t worry so much.


We live in a world of uncertainty amidst many things that threaten our peace and sense of well-being. We worry about things like: Is it safe to travel? Will we experience another global financial crisis? Will my children ever be able to buy their own home? Will I have enough money to live on when I retire? (I know, I’m showing my age with this one.) These are all real worries that rob us of peace. But our lack of peace can go deeper.


We may have fractured relationships that weigh upon our heart. We may have past regrets or present guilt that seems like mountainous obstacles to us ever finding peace in our life. And space permitting we could go a whole lot deeper. But it’s suffice to say I told you that I know how to become very wealthy. The problem is there is no such elixir known to man. Peace can’t be found in a bottle. BUT peace can be found in a Person.  The prophet Isaiah reveals that one name for Jesus Christ the Son of God is that He shall be called ‘Prince of Peace’. (See Isaiah 9:6).


If we open our heart to be in relationship with God through placing our faith in Jesus Christ we will experience two amazing things. The first is we will experience peace ‘with’ God. Secondly, we will experience the peace ‘of’ God.  As you open your heart to Jesus I promise you that His peace will go deep into every fractured crevice of your heart. And wonderfully, you will begin to experience ever increasing peace as you discover that your feet have now been placed upon a path of peace. (See Luke 1:79).  


Ps. Graham Forster