Summer Nights


Summer Nights are going to be hot - so come and join us in the air conditioning of our Bowen Hills location as wear hear from some phenomenal guests.

Event Information

Time: 6PM

Date: Sunday 28th January, Sunday 4th + 11th February

Location: 35 Thompson Street, Bowen Hills

Guest Speakers



Ps Micahn Carter has been the lead pastor of Together Church for 13 years + his mission is to 'Make it impossible for people to now know Jesus'. He is known for his straight forward + humorous communication style. Micahn has been married for 18 years to his wife April + has 3 sons.






Ps Levi Marychurch, up until recently, was the Youth + Young Adults Pastor at Arise Church New Zealand with Ps John Cameron. Levi + his family plan to move to Canada to start a church. He is an incredible communicator of the gospel with a great kiwi humour. 



Andy Gourley is the founder + director of Red Frogs Australia. Red Frogs are responsible for recruiting 2000 volunteers nationally + internationally to provide support + a positive peer presence in large gatherings of young people. Andy will challenge you in the way you think about young people today + how you can influence their culture.